Asheville Intenders for the Highest Good Group

Intenders Group & Artist Syrkl

(Intenders and Artist Syrkl are now combined)

Our group meets the first and last Sunday of every month 3:30 to 5:30 at private residence. Please call for more info and directions. 828 777-1962

We are a group of conscious and conscentious individuals who come together to co-create and manifest for ourselves and each other for the individual highest purpose and good for our lives.  We are also a creative expressive arts group that uses various modalities for intention setting through the expressive arts process. Members take turns sharing experience, supporting our intentions and goals. To read more go to, class is based on tony burroughs work. check out this video


Movement for Spiritual Inner Awareness Seminars (

Lilla Khalsa, NC Rep

seminars are based on the Teachings of the Christ, as shared by John Rogers and John Morton

group process: invocation, meditation, intention setting, seminar film – tea and food share.

contact for directions to private residence



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