Non-Violent Communication

  • to create connections that empower compassionate giving and receiving, making sure that everyone’s needs are met
  • to cultivate more respectful empowering connections with yourself and others
  • to encourage us to focus on what we and others are
    observing separate from our interpretations and judgments,
  • to transform judgment and criticism into understanding and connection
  • to listen in a way so that others are really heard
  • to connect our thoughts and feelings to underlying human needs and values
  • to create a quality of connection that embodies unconditional love
  • to improve your confidence by using clear non-blaming and non confrontational communication.
  • to be clear about what we would like towards meeting our needs and learning how to make requests

Goals and Outcomes:

Increased feelings of peace and well-being  • More enthusiasm for life  • Greater clarity and concentration  • More self confidence  • The ability to deal more effectively with stress

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