Intuitive Soul Art

Soul Art is an intuitive process where I view a photo of you and talk with you by phone. I tune into your Higher Self and invite in our spirit guides to assist in accessing divine essence, about you and your journey in this lifetime as well as information gathered from your past lives and future lives. When I open your akashic records I can  ascertain the sacred geometry for you that represents a facet of your multi-dimensional being that wants activation. When you receive the art, it is essential that you take time meditating on the image. The image is a gift from Spirit through me to you.

Each piece is original and about you, to guide you in your life journey with greater ease and grace.
Mediums that I work with are oils, acrylics, watercolors, mixed media, collage, wood, glass, nature, gourd, leather, beads, clay. If you have a preference of the type of media that you would like me to work with I can tailor to your preference and custom design. An intuitive writing comes with each art piece.

Samples of Soul Art: lillart ~ angel blessings 

Mandalas: contain movement and essence of person as well as their totem animal, angel or Spirit Guides presence in their life.

Medicine bags: contain a stone(s), elixir(s) and/or herbs that will benefit you in your healing and protection.

Jewelry:  Contains stones that have been prayed with that assist you in helping you to access your needs.

Paintings: Representations of a person’s energy field may contain symbols, and sometimes have writings on the art done with particular colors and sacred geometry.