Muse Class

Awakening the Inner Muses


An amazing and fun filled Creativity Playshop

Call forth your Muses! Awakening the Inner Muse is a combination of spontaneity, art, music, acting, & movement. We will be exploring through group and personal intention to bring forth greater balance in areas that inspire you (relationships, artistic interest) for purpose of having fun and insight. The course is an expressive arts process based on my 30 years of expressive arts training and experience. Make tapping into your creativity playful and profoundly practical. Blocks of fear, overwhelm, perfectionism, focus-difficulty, low self- confidence, self-sabotage and finding no time for creativity are solved with the tools, thoughts, exercises, quotes, journal exercises and brainstorms that each Modern Day Muse gifts. With the Muses as your guides, you’ll discover how to view your creative potential in a positive light, with passion and self -assurance.

Date: May 5th

Time: 10 am to 3 pm

Location: Private Residence

Lunch: Bring food to share

Suggested Donation : $50

Book: The 9 Modern Day Muses and the Bodyguard by Jill Badonsky

Muse Facilitator: Lilla Khalsa, MA LPC ~ art therapist, muse,
part faery folk, artiste’, womyn of wonder, joyful explorer.

For more info:, 828 777-1962

activate innate talents, grow yourself creatively, nurture and heal,  focus on positivity, experience greater joy, live in gratitude, love more fully


This is a monthly artist group of cultural creatives!
Artist Syrkl will be the last Saturday of every month from 5 to 7 PM.
(There will be no Artist Syrkl in December 2012)