Interview with

What therapy approach(es) do you utilize?

I value an eclectic approach. I find life coaching, clinical counseling, compassionate listening, intention setting (day by day, week to week, month to month and year to year), and a variety of other approaches such as trans-personal therapy, Non-Violent Communication and spirituality top on my list but ultimately it has to do with the client and their needs.

I offer guided visualization, journeying hypnotherapy and meditation to manifest a successful outcomes.

Art therapy has been one of the favorite modalities of my clients for seeing where they have been, where they are presently and where they are going.

I also appreciate and treat clients with EMDR, EFT, affirming, healing, yoga, body and sensation awareness

The most important energy in the work I do is Love. Love is what moves us. Love is the foundation of who we are.


What issues do you specify treatment for?

I work with most anyone and all most areas of concern.


2. How does one know if therapy is right for them?

I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if client and I are a match.

If client and I decide to work together we move forward with Skype or in person.

In additon to individual therapy I offer counseling to couples, families, groups, all ages, all paths.


3. What can one expect to gain from therapy?

Greater self love, clarity, self empowerment, spiritual awakening. Purpose, clarity and action create an inner

freedom, improving one’s quality of life. The way that we treat our Self is

how we treat others. When we learn to respect and honor Self, one’s relationships begin

changing for the better or completions occur.


4. What is unique about you as a therapist?

I am creative, intuitive, and an empath. I studied with many wonderful teachers who took me under their wing and worked with me the way I now work with others,

My intention is to be with others in a compassionate and kind way, mentoring and guiding so that my clients will experience a greater quality of life.

My clients have been from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. I consider myself very accepting of all paths and honor people wherever they are in their life.


5. What relationship exists between mental health and substance abuse?

Health and wellness are the umbrella to a healthy body mind spirit.

Substance abuse is a component of mental health. There is usually a deeper issue than substance abuse.

Substance abuse is a symptom of a deeper issue(s). One can be free from addiction, it takes dedication, practice and

learning how to exchange negative habits for healthy ones, such as nutrition, exercise and creative outlets.